Ngoc Viet Oolong tea ( bag 100gr)

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Odor of orchid and compound of the fragrance of matured fruits, vivid scent diversification. Thick and dense water body, rising the comfortable feelings around mouth and throat durably. Enjoy the variety peacefully, and feel the richness from inside.

Ngoc Viet Oolong tea is harvested only once in the winter (12th lunar month) when the new shoots springing tea. Ngoc viet Oolong tea yields very low. So just accept the small quantity orders.

Dong Son tea is packed  small vacuum bag in white which is made from good material, thick enough to prevent from the light and air as well as help preserve the best quality of tea inside.

Our Oolong tea is evaluated good,clean and safe. From rare tea varieties,we plant ecological tea garden, process by hand which make precious Oolong tea with all-natural flavors. With the desire to develop a clean agriculture,  let's createa Vietnam's agriculture with a clean and friendly environment!


This tea garden is cultivated in the western plateau, at the end of Trường Sơn Mountains too, close to the primitive forest. It belongs to a low developed area of land therefore little polluted. The soil layer is thick, suitable for the growth of all kinds of plants. The garden is in between 1,000 to 1,100 meters height compared with the sea level, covered with clouds and mist all the year round,  nice and cool weather in four seasons, with wonderful fresh air. This is why we choose the garden as the noticeable symbol  of our tea products.

To learn more about how tea is grown? please visit:

Chin shin Oolong (another name : Ruan zhi oolong )

Trà Olong Ngọc Việt

Viên Trà Olong Ngọc Việt tròn, nhỏ, có màu xanh đen đặc trưng của dòng trà Olong cao cấp


Vườn trà Olong Ngoc Việt 


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