Establishment: The establishment of the trade mark of Dong Son Tea & coffee springs from the love for the nature, the respectful feelings to land, vegetation, and the inspiration with the Vietnamese ancient culture.

Vision: To become the top tea product in Vietnam; to participate in pushing up the development of Vietnamese agriculture in general, and tea branch, in particular; to put the tea quality of Vietnam keep pace with the others around the world; to prove the high-qualitied products of Vietnamese tea, as well.

Ideal of the products: With labourious and careful innate nature, by skilful hands, Vietnamese peasants themselves have recounted the natural taste of the tea, preserve and bring into play the original fragrance of the tea . They all will affect to foster the body and mind of everyone  who enjoys it.
PLEDGE OF DONG SON TEA : With the golden principle in business “the best, not the biggest”, we would like to pledge to offer our customers the top quality product of Vietnamese tea.
DONG SON TEA COFFEE CO. , LTD Add: 79 Truong Van Hai Street, Tang Nho Phu B Ward, Dist 9, HCMCTel: (84)-(8)-6271 7339/Fax : (84)-(8)-3736 1898


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