Gui fei oolong tea

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Gui Fei Oolong was created by a group of young tea farmers from Luku township around 13 years ago (year 2000). After the big earthquake 9/21, the tea farmers in Luku township were engaged in rebuilding their hometown and neglected to manage their tea gardens, this led to the tea leaves were sucked by the pest "tea leafhopper". After these tea leaves were picked and produced according to traditional Dong Ding Oolong tea method with long fermentation, it turned out the tea liquor was crystal clear in orange color and full of honey or litchi aroma. The green leaves were surrounded by red edges and looked very elegant and poised just like an ancient Gui Fei (The highest-ranking imperial concubine). Its flavor and aroma are different from traditional Dong Ding Oolong tea, that's why it is named Dong Ding Gui Fei tea or Gui Fei Oolong tea.

Gui Fei oolong tea (Dong son brans)  is made of Jin xuan oolong tea  (this cultivar come from Taiwan) and the tea is Viet Nam tea.

Gui fei oolong tea cultivates in Lam ha, Lam Dong of Viet Nam. Its leaves have been biten by small green leaf hopper, so it tastes sweet with honey flavor. 


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