Introduction to the tea garden

It is 20 kilometers away from Đà Lạt city (Lâm Đồng province), on the top of mountain covered with white frost, now appear a new green, mixed with the fragrance of newly cultivated basaltic land, an immense area with the spirit like the dawn of humanity… Here is the garden that we like to introduce you.

we pay much respect it – according to its good points as a garden of ecological conditions for cultivation. We do not pay attention to the growth of only one farm produce but all kinds of plants. We do not use the industrialized mode to produce tea. That means tea garden expands in way of a garden in which  many kinds of plants are grown in order to equilibrate the ecological environment. Our company also pay high attention in protecting the source of underground water, cultivation in trapezium style, design the system to escape water. Besides, We grow many deep root plants, trees for shadow– to set up a fresh blue of the nature -  in order to minimize the damage of the heat of the sun in dry season .  No one can shake wild animals lurking in the garden thanks to the owners’ protection, too.



This tea garden is cultivated in the western plateau, at the end of Trường Sơn Mountains too, close to the primitive forest. It belongs to a low developed area of land therefore little polluted. The soil layer is thick, suitable for the growth of all kinds of plants. The garden is in between 1,000 to 1,100 meters height compared with the sea level, covered with clouds and mist all the year round,  nice and cool weather in four seasons, with wonderful fresh air. This is why we choose the garden as the noticeable symbol  of our tea products.


Drinking pure dew early in the morning, breathing the air from thousands of pine (particular trait of Đa Lat city) mixed with scent of a lot of flowers in the high mountain and thick forest, precious tea strains are selected and cared by the hands of people who love tea trees – along with experts’ special method of process tea … all make Đong Son Tea to have a very good line of Oolong tea .   
The Oolong tea of Đong Son Tea has the color of straw,  color and luster is as yellow as the straw, bright and showy. It gets the fragrance of fruits, or a little smell of pure milk, or the elegant scent of  osmanthus, the pure fragrance of wild ginger flower. It mixes up with sweet taste , acrid taste, bitterish of orange. The drinkers will have balance, gentle, light and flowing feelings which last for a long time.

Đong Son Tea, not merely its nice fragrance, is particularly good for your health; especially in today’s modern life, people have to do intellectual labour with pressure in jobs, continuously work with computers , be endangered by the electromagnetic waves. The Đong Son Tea helps to reduce tiredness , resist the heat, antidotal, make spirit cheery. The tea with high content of polyphenol  has the effects as follows :
-  Dissociate the fat
-  Control nourishment of fat
-  Slow down aging-process
-  Resist refraction

No matter while a rest , a relaxation, looking for inspiration , or a busy day with job, you should make one tea pot. Tea has the origin from China. The word “tea” in Chinese, if analysed, means man in plants. The drinker’s feelings looks like a person standing in an immense nature. Please try to be sensitive the no-parole conversation from the notion of making tea.
Hope you will be able to have the sensitiveness of leisureliness of “man in plants”!
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