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Dong Son Tea and Coffee Ltd provides to its clients high quality teas and coffees , resulting from work done in the passion and respect for the environment. In this context, we are committed to charge fair prices, reflecting the effort of the workers in our plantations .
Regarding overseas orders, the cost of postage by EMS is added to the actual delivery charges. Thus, we hope you will understand that there is no allowance granted on prices for delivery. Please find below DHL fares and Vietnamese fares in order to assess the total cost of your order.
As a result it may appear that for some overseas orders the cost of postage increases by 50% to 80% or so the cost of the order. It may lead to a feeling that the value is not in the product being purchased.  However, we ensure you that if you buy in a store in your country, the cost of delivery is already included in the tea or coffee price and the same quality tea will be more expensive than our's tea two times. 

Customs clearance documents – If your order under 5000 usd and meets the customs clearance requirement, we will deal with related customs clearance documents but you will bear the customs clearance fee.

Commodity inspection document – if your order is required for commodity inspection, there will be commodity inspection fee.

You can have support assistance at our email address . The grievances related to Shipping, Returns and Exchange Policy will be analyzed thoroughly. Use our Fax: +84.8.3736.1868 to obtain help from our customer support. Email and fax is available 24 x 7 x 365 days.

Feel free to Contact us: +84.8.37361898 from Monday to Saturday- 8 am to 6 pm. Customer Care services will respond you as soon as possible.

Customers in Vietnam are able to pay for purchases either with a local bank ATM card or International Credit Card.
Customer Overseas are able to pay for order with paypal.

DONG SON TEA COFFEE CO. , LTD Add: 79 Truong Van Hai Street, Tang Nho Phu B Ward, Dist 9, HCMCTel: (84)-(8)-6271 7339/Fax : (84)-(8)-3736 1898


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