Dat viet oolong tea grade A( bag 100gr)

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Unit: bag
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Price: 100,000 VNĐ

PRICE(USD) : 5 USD/ Bag 100gr


Harvest Time: in Spring 

Jade colored buds and leaves, with a small rolled balls.

Tea Liquid : slight yellowish green color.

Flavor: high and strong floral aroma; tastes sweet and smooth, refreshing and fragrant; has obvious sweet aftertaste and long-lasting flavor.

Tea Leaf: in one bud with three leaves form, thick and soft

A combination flavor of osmanthus and fresh fruits,and A faint perfume of dairy embraced by the richness of vanilla sweet water body, but condensed in the end. Unloading burden from body to soul.

Dong Son tea is packed  small vacuum bag in white which is made from good material, thick enough to prevent from the light and air as well as help preserve the best quality of tea inside.

Our Oolong tea is evaluated good,clean and safe. From rare tea varieties,we plant ecological tea garden, process by hand which make precious Oolong tea with all-natural flavors. With the desire to develop a clean agriculture,  let's createa Vietnam's agriculture with a clean and friendly environment!

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