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Dong son Gaba Oolong tea ( Premium Gaba oolong tea ) is hand-plucked tea that is grown at 1100 meter above the sea-level. 

In Japan, gaba tea is a tea for our healthy well-being.  It is manufactured in bulk for all to enjoy. Gaba tea was first developed by Dr. Tsusida at the former national research institute of vegetable, ornamental plants and tea (nivot), maff of Japan in 1987.

Why is it named Gaba oolong tea ? beauce from Jin xuan tea tree ( a type of oolong tea trees) via a series of special treatments during tea processing, glutamic acid within fresh tea leaves will be converted into r-aminobutyric acid(also called gaba aminobutyric acid), and aspartic acid will be converted into alanine. That makes Gaba oolong tea as an all natural product abundant in r-aminobutyric acid. 
To manufacture Gaba oolong teas has to undergo 10 hours for three times of vacuum anaerobic fermentation and stirring before panning. The tea undergoes several fermentations with and then without oxygen.

Our gaba oolong tea with quality known as amber colored tea liquid, tropical fruit flavor , honey flavor, tea soup is smooth and sweet.

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