Whole Bean Arabica - Fresh Roasted!!

Code: Mor-M001
Unit: Bag 250gr
Status: In stock
Price: 137,500 VNĐ

More Details
Degree of roast: Medium
Processing Type: fresh roasted coffee bean ( coffee is roasted a day before delivery) 
Grade: AA , Premium    
Additional Ingredient: None, No additional ingridients    
Weight (kg): 230G
Model Number: Cat 001        
Variety: Arabica (Catimor)
Raw material size: 16-18 
Packaging : Aluminium bag ( other package : available) 
Place of Origin: Lam Ha, Lam Dong, Vietnam
Coffee grown in the altitude of 1000 - 1100 m.
Taste :  pure aroma, a unique scent , cafein very low , and more sweet.

Unlike other coffee gardens, Dong Son’s coffee garden is a ecological garden. Many kinds of plants are growed in order to equilibrate the ecological environment. Thanks to the fresh air with sunshine, wind and moderate rainfall in the afternoon together with scent of a lot of flowers,Dong Son coffee has distinctive flavor .The level of roasting determines the flavor of coffee.Lightly roasted coffee has sweet fragrance of flowers, fruits ..., little sour and get a sweet orange taste after drinking . Medium roasted coffee is sweeter, less sour , the sweet orange taste is lasting

Flavor of roasted coffee depends on roasting time. For us, roasting coffee is not a job, it’s a passion, so we are never bored.
The air, soil , water , sun and wind ... everything has its natural beauty. Coffee which is roasted in natural atmosphere with full of art and emotion has a distinct flavor and helps you saved your feeling.
The mission of Dong Son tea:
•Provide customers with the most delicious coffee beans.
•Use a small roasting machine, combined with roasting time to create the unique taste of each coffee.
•Before roasting, coffee beans are carefully selected by hand.

This Arabica Coffee garden is cultivated in the western plateau, at the end of Trường Sơn Mountains too, close to the primitive forest. It belongs to a low developed area of land therefore little polluted. The soil layer is thick, suitable for the growth of all kinds of plants. The garden is in between 1,000 to 1,100 meters height compared with the sea level, covered with clouds and mist all the year round, nice and cool weather in four seasons, with wonderful fresh air. This means we can offer you all kinds of coffee of the highest quality without compromising environmental quality.


Garden Arabica coffee is shade by acacia system, and is due in part manually, in part to help keep the grass is kept moisture and protected land, absolutely no use of herbicides


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